If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, the hands are also important. Basically they are business cards, so it is important to keep them in perfect order. That’s why choosing the best fake nails can be a perfect solution to always keep your hands tidy and get an express manicure at home in just a few minutes.

False nails are increasingly appreciated by famous people, they not only show every style, shape and color, but also is more durable and adhesive, easy to remove after a few days. If you want a natural effect in shades of pink and beige, or you’re going to get an impact result that indeed more whimsical, you should use false nails.

However, the important thing is to just choose the best false nails because poor products may not only not meet expectations, but also damage the fingernails if used for a long time.  

XianXing beauty is a fake nails supplier specializing in the supply of quality nail products. Our company has professionals who have been engaged in the nail industry for more than sixteen years, and the technology is also at the forefront of the world. After 16 years of development, our company has cultivated a high-quality workforce, and established a strict and standardized production process and a whole-process quality control system, so that product quality can be continuously and effectively guaranteed.

As a big fake nails supplier, the  “Innovative fashion, excellence, good customer service” is our consistent business philosophy. First-class research and development, tireless pursuit of quality, and perfect after-sales service have continuously improved the reputation of XianXing beauty as a fake nails supplier among customers. While our products are not only sold in China, they are also exported to other countries worldwide.

 The fake nails supplier – XIANXING BEAUTY’s products include manicure nails, professional nails and printed nails. We can develop and design nail shapes and patterns for customers, and can also OEM.

fake nails manufacturer of Xianxing Beauty


1. Each nail set is equipped with imported environmentally friendly professional nail glue, which does not hurt the fingernails and has a good stickiness. Even if you do housework every day, you can easily use our nails more than 10 times. 

2. Because we are a production factory, we have a complete quality inspection process and facilities to ensure that every box of products that leave the factory has perfect quality and on-time delivery.

3. Design and styles can be customized according to customer requirements!

4. Fast sample time and delivery cycle ( 3-5 working days for samples, 15-25 working days for mass order delivery)

5. Our styles and designs are rich and beautiful. We can supply any size of nails you need.

6. All raw materials of the product are made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. Also our fake nails are made of high-quality ABS material, which is an environmental protective material that will not harm your fingernails or body, making the nails durable and natural. 

7. We have the most advanced printing system in China, the printing pattern is more refined;

8. Environmentally friendly ink printing, safer, healthier, fuller color, no harm to the human body

9. After-sales Guarantee: Customer service is our top priority. 

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