The great competitors of our false nails set are nail polish



False nails of XianXing beauty are the most common and effective answer for those who want to maintain a perfect manicure effortlessly. Contrary to natural nails, whose enamel often needs to be touched up, our false nails set maintain their immaculate appearance during the period of use. With our false nails, you can do all of your day-to-day activities without having to worry about chipped nails, chipped nail polish, or dirty nails.


Are you tired of searching for quality fake nails and quality glue for fake nails application? Then don’t worry we have a solution for all your problems – XianXing beauty’s false nail sets. Our false nails set are of high quality and come in sets that contain all the necessary supplies that you will need during false nails application like 24pcs nail tips, 1 prep pad, 1 nail file, 1 cuticle stick and a glue. 



Appearance: natural, shiny

Durability: up to 3 weeks

Flexibility: high

Safety: 100% Vegan, safe, animal free


1. More natural and shiny appearance

2. Flexible and more realistic fake nails

3. 1-3 minutes fast application with all the supplies/accessory kits already included in the set

4. No need to shape our false nails (customer option)

5. More flexible and less prone to damage

6. Fewer chemicals used in application and removal, no harm to our natural nails

7. Available in various colors and patterns and length

8. cheapest method comparing with salon 

9. No limited to place and time, can easily apply and remove at anytime, anywhere


Many ladies prefer our false nail sets because they believe that the feeling on the hands is more natural and all the necessary items for false nails application are already included in the sets and there is no need to buy them separately.


Quick application

Our false nails application is one of the fastest methods to achieve a perfect manicure, the whole process can be applied with 3 minutes. As well as being able to achieve the ideal finish. Another advantage is they are no harm to your natural nails, you can do the beauty at home, which is no contact with others, clean and safe.   Another advantage of our false nails is the fact that once applied, you no longer need to think about your manicure or take extra care with what you touch or do for fear of spoiling the final finish.


More flexible

Due to their high quality ABS material,  our false nails are one of the most flexible manicures on the market today, which increases the durability of their effect. These nails can be bent, but it will be very difficult for them to break.


Fewer chemicals in your application

The great competitors of our false nails set are nail polish, since both provide a false nail effect. Unlike the nail polish, our false nail is easier to apply but what truly sets them apart is the use of harmless chemicals to achieve a long-lasting manicure. Thus, our false nails have a double advantage in relation to these, since fewer chemicals are necessary in their application and you will not need to buy additional items for extra cost because all the necessary items for false nail application will already be included in the set. 

The great competitors of our false nails set are nail polish
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