Are you interested to know about the fake nails trend in 2022? Great! I am here with a list of different styles and the brands offering this service. 

Here is a brief description of the difference between traditional manicures and fake nails.


Traditional Manicures

With the fake nails trend getting better and better, traditional manicures are less and less used.

1. Traditional manicures require a long wait, and I’m sure any woman who has had her nails done knows this. You have to wait for two to three hours whenever you go for a manicure.

2. It is very harmful to the body. Many people do not know that the nail polish used in traditional nail art contains a substance called acetone, which is very detrimental to our bodies. If applied for a long time, it can lead to cancer growth.

3. After some time, new nails will grow out. Then you have to go to the nail salon and take the time to remove those nails

4. If you do traditional nail art often, your nails will crack, your nails will become thinner, your nail beds will be damaged and reddened, your nail polish will irritate your skin for a long time, your nails will grow thicker, and your nail surface will be rough and unequal.


Fake Nails


Why is the fake nails trend getting better and better? The reasons are as follows:

1. Wearing fake nails is very convenient and quick. For example, there is not enough time if you have a party tonight and want to do a manicure. Then wearing fake nails can help you get it done. It’s easy to wear the fake nails yourself in four or five minutes at home.

2. The best thing about it is that it is removable and wearable. For example, if you can’t wear your fake nails for work reasons, it’s easy to take them off by pushing up and pulling down.

3. Healthy and environmentally friendly, wearing nail art is very healthy. Even pregnant women and children can use it. It is made of abs resin and the same raw material as Lego toys. 

4. No need to polish your nails. Just stick the jelly glue, peel off the film, and stick on the hard-wearing nails

5. It will not hurt our nails during wearing and removing false nails.

Because of the advantages of fake nails, more and more people are wearing fake nails.


Fake Nails Trend

Colourful fake nails

Colourful fake nails are trendy. It will involve a simple gradient effect and better reflect the time of year and the seasons.

Classic French fake nails

When it comes to nail art, people are leaning towards simplicity and classics. French fake nails are going to be everywhere, whether it’s an outline French, ombré French, or traditional French. Classic pinks and whites is clean and will complement any colour palette.

Matte fake nails

Matte colours give a different texture without having to complicate the manicure visually. The trend is becoming simpler and matte topcoats make any colour more attractive.

Now the fake nails trend is getting better and better, and many people will go to wholesale fake nails. If you want to purchase popular fake nails, Xianxing Beauty is a good choice. Guangdong Xianxing Beauty Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, and they have 16 years experience in plastic artificial nails, manicure tools, make-up and related products. Their factory covers an area of 8000 square meters and has more than 100 employees. The main products include plastic artificial nails, manicure tools, nail stickers, nail decorations, nail polish, eyelashes, etc.

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