Depending on your preferences, abilities, and desire to rely on fake nail design, stores offer many options for economical fake nails: transparent, natural color, and a finished design. It is better to choose materials from manufacturers of professional nail products like XianXing beauty. In online store of XianXing beauty, you can buy the different options for solid fashion fake nails:


1. Our economical false nails mostly hide the imperfections of the natural nail plate, all the irregularities become invisible;

2. They can be repainted in any color, the varnish fits very well on our fake nails, a smooth surface allows you to make any drawings without stains;

3. Our fake nails are strong and with good tenacity, hard to break;

4. Our fake nails are made of such a material that the varnish on them looks more saturated and shiny;

5. The material from which our fake nails are made, include components that are safe for natural nail’s health.

No special equipment are required to apply our fake nails. To stick your own nails at home, you need minimal cost and a set of our fake nails. You will get the following things in our economical fake nails set:

1. 24 fake nails 

2. Fake nails glue

3. Nail file;

4. And a cuticle stick 


There are a number of advantages of our fake nails due to which they are in high demand:

1-Naturalness: our fake nails look like natural nails. With the naked eye, you can’t understand that the girl just glued it. 

2-Availability: If the gel and acrylic modeling procedure requires special household equipment, then our economical fake nail set is available to everyone. The price of our fake nails is significantly lower than the cost of salon services.


3-Efficiency of the procedure: Gluing our economical fake nails at home will not take more than 5 minutes. 

4-Security: Unlike modeling, our fake nails can be used even by young girls. When using our fake nails, the natural plate is not injured, and the materials used for gluing them are not toxic.


5-Adhesion force:  Your new nails will last at least for 2-3 weeks . During this period, the length of the natural plate will increase. In addition, the tips protect the nail surface from the harmful effects of the lake and other substances it is forced to come in contact with. Therefore, in a week, the plates grow strong and beautiful.

6-A wide selection of models: using our economical false nails, you can create any nails. Most often, girls use hand-painted and rhinestones. New boards can be decorated with sequins, beads, feathers, stickers.


.Even our fake nails without a design look perfect, you just have to cover them with varnish. In addition, there are plates with non-art prepared art, which will definitely last for the entire period of wearing.

7-Economical price: Our economical fake nails are made of high-quality ABS material, however they are available in cheap prices as compared to other fake nails. Our fake nails come in sets that contain all the necessary items for fake nail application and you will not need to buy them separately which makes them more economical. 

Our economical fake nails are made of high-quality ABS material
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